Sunday, January 19, 2014

White Cat

Cassel's family are all curse workers and he is the only one who does not have the magic touch. Curse workers are considered criminals as with a touch to the victim they can change people's emotion, kill people, change people physical condition, alter memories and more which are deemed illegal. They only have one type of curse work which is discovered when curse workers accidentally work someone or something and that is already considered a crime.

Cassel is in a private boarding school where he tries to act as normal as possible but much people knows he is dangerous as his mother is in jail for her crime. He had a girlfriend and secretly running a bet system as the rich kids like to bet on silly things. One night he found himself on the roof of the dormitories as he was dreaming about chasing a white cat to get back his tongue. When he woke up he was falling off and managed to hold on and yelled for help.

After the incident, the school decided to send him home until he can proof his sleepwalking problem is safe. His eldest brother Philip came to pick him up and that night when he was staying over, he heard his brothers talking to their grandfather. As it seems everyone has been keeping a secret from him. Philip's wife also seemed odd saying that she hears music all the time and her face looks distress most of the time. Cassel figured that there is something going on as the details to the incident of him murdering his best friend Lila seems too vague to remember as well. Cassel has to unravel his past and memories to find out the truth.

White Cat by Holly Black is the first book to the curse workers trilogy and this book is quite unique. I absolutely enjoyed this book from the start till the end. The plots of the book is truly wonderful, it keeps your attention and then something surprises you. I have read a lot of books about magic but this book is unique and I'm intrigued that magic can be written this way. Besides magic involved in the book, there are con aspects too.

I love watching movies where people do con jobs whether big or small and this books incorporates con really really well. The author explains con really well and I appreciate the researched that was done for this topic. The characters of the book are also good because you get to know them and find out more about them in the plots that unfolds in the story. I love the main character Cassel as he seems like a complex guy but only wants simple things. He is one character that needs to find his memory and uncover the truth about himself. The character development is a job well done.

I really love the climax of the book because there's was much suspense and when it happened it really was surprising and satisfying. Reading this book gave me the feeling that I was watching a movie and I think it would be an interesting story to be made into a movie. I love that this book has moral values and also touches the dark side of people. I reccomend this books for readers who enjoy paranormal with much mystery and suspense included. I'm falling in love with this author's writing and I get to read the next book without waiting as the series is completed. I will definitely reread this book in the future.


  1. This series is so fun! I still have to read Black Heart, but I've really enjoyed the first two; if you like con jobs, you should check out "Heist Society" (if you haven't already, which you probably have). It's fluffy and fun and ridiculous haha.

    I couldn't find the ways to follow you, but I'll keep looking :)

    Stop by if you're interested! Ramblings on Readings

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting. I have not read Heist Society but it's in my wishlist. I stopped by your webpage and it's good content. I'll try to insert more methods to follow me. I didn't realize my twitter widget was outdated but now it's not.


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