Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Girl of Nightmares

Cassio has been having nightmares where he sees Anna being tortured in many ways. While he went on the job with Thomas and Carmel in a barn, Cas heard Anna's voice and hesitated to kill the ghost. Things got messy and Carmel almost got killed but in the end he managed to kill it. Cas cannot let go of Anna and he continues to think about her. He want to find ways to bring her back but Morfran warned him and Gideon told him it was not possible to do it. The nightmares keeps getting worse and last for a long time. Cas wanted to find out why it was like that and Morfran told him his athame was the connection that Anna has with him now.  Cas and Thomas found out that he could talk to Anna by opening a window and Thomas would be the witch that can help with the ritual.

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake is the second and last book in the series. The book was quite slow paced in the beginning and then it picks up late in the book. I was not impressed by this book and thought some mystery was just thrown into the book to make it slightly interesting. There wasn't enough action in the book. I was disappointed as there was not much character development on the main guy and only his friends had a bit too. The introduction to new the characters were just okay as there wasn't much background on them.

The first book was good and so I expected more on this book but sadly disappointed. I would have love to read more about Anna but she's just a side character. I rather she played a more prominent role. Overall the book ended well and besides the plot being slow it's still not bad of a second book to the series. It's seems like an epilogue for Anna dressed in blood that is quite long. It's definitely an interesting paranormal book as I have not read such a story before but the characters did not capture me much. I don't think I would be picking up both the books to reread as it's an okay book to me. 

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