Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Bride wore size 12

Heather Wells had one more month to go before her wedding day and today she had an appointment with the wedding planner. At her office where she works it was crowded with parents because they wanted to request for a residence hall transfer. Fisher Hall is now the cool place to live instead of the old nickname of Death Dorm because there was a very important residence who just moved in. This VIR had four spaces assigned to him on the fifteen floor and since he is the crown prince of Qalif, there was also extra security set-up by the state department on the second floor and extra cameras were installed. In the front of the queue was a Mrs Harris here to request a room change for her daughter. As claimed by Mrs Harris the roommate is a slut because she did not spend many nights in the room. Mrs Harris also claimed that her daughter did not like it and would like to have a room change.

Heather was telling Mrs Harris that her daughter was to fill in the request form herself and then a bunch of young people came in with the prince.  Kaleigh which was the daughter said she loved her room very much and did not need a change. The prince invited the girls for lunch and then Kaleigh said that they tried to wake her roommate Ameera. They shook Ameera hard and there was no response from her. Heather was worried that there'll be a dead student before the semester even started. She called for the RA in duty but could not get her either so she asked Sarah to go to fourteen floor to check on the student and the RA Jasmine. After not long, Sarah called Heather while crying saying that Ameera was okay where she was just hungover but Jasmine was dead.

The Bride wore size 12 by Meg Cabot is the finale to the Heather Well series. I love this ending for the series because it doesn't seem like an ending but only the beginning of the character's new life. The writing as usual is funny and witty without losing it's main theme of the book. I love that it's a simple mystery book which focuses on our heroine's curiosity and love for solving mysteries. Towards the end of the book, I love that the author brought in a character which was from her other series for just a bit.

The flow of the plots were really good, never revealing too much which made the climax good as I couldn't predict what was to happen. I love that a book can be so simple and thin but yet unpredictable for me. It was definitely a page turner for me being a fan of Meg Cabot and Heather Wells hence I manage to finish the book quite quickly. If I want some murder mystery and humor in it, I'll definitely read this series again. I rarely get disappointed by Meg Cabot so I highly recommend this series to pick up.

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