Thursday, November 14, 2013

Star Wars : Tiny Death Star

I could not help myself when I saw this game being announced and the Darth Vader song immediately filled my head. It's the most recognizable tune for Star Wars series whenever Darth Vader appears. Anyway back to the game, I have always like tiny tower as it was a game that reminded me how much fun I had with Sim Towers when I was younger. When I saw this game I thought it was just Tiny Tower that looked different which was with Star Wars theme.

The concept is the same where you build your tower and make money from it but in this case you are building the death star. The subjects are working in your death star to help you earn money to win wars in the empire battles. Some things that are a clear different from tiny tower is that when you send a visitor to the designated floor not only do they pay you, they also deduct one minute in your restocking time or building time. There are also missions given out by the emperor and if you manage to fulfilled it you will be rewarded.

Like tiny tower there are colours to represent the type of floor you are building and the only difference is that red color is no longer creative floor but an imperial floor which is built under the first floor onward. The imperial floors are where the activity of the bad guys happen. I see this game as a promotion for Star Wars since there aren't many in the generation Y would know about Star Wars.

There is an album where you unlock the different type of bitizens which are the aliens that are found in the series. There are also scenes that unlock when you get certain floors filled with workers. The VIP of the game is also slightly different from tiny tower but just a small one. Besides sending your visitors to their requested floor, you can also send them to the imperial floors to speed up the activity there.

Overall I like this game more than tiny tower because of the fact that visitors now can reduce one minute of the restocking time. I also like the missions that are given because it does not seem too hard. Tiny Tower missions need you to keep track of what items to restock in order to complete it and that is a bit annoying. Upgrading the elevator now does not only include the speed but also the amount of money you receive from the visitor. This game will do a good job in promoting Star Wars as the album has descriptions of the many aliens in it and it will be interesting for people who know nothing of Star Wars to learn more. I highly recommend this game for Star Wars lover and also Tiny Tower lovers.

PS: I was not paid to write this review at all, I just love those two elements meshed together. Also I will insert some screenshots below as to how the game look like. The tutorial is funny as I love the conversation between Darth Vader and the Emperor. More screenshots can be found here

You can find the game here on google play store for free.  The game is here in the apple store also free.

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