Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pocket Harvest

After many many months Kairosoft have finally released an English version of Pocket Harvest. I was truly waiting for earnestly for this game and when it was out I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When I first run the game I was already kinda disappointed with the song. A little about my kairosoft games obsession, I can tell every games's theme song, I don't need to look and you just start the game I can tell you what game it is. That's how much I love their games and this song was a bit disappointing.  

Never mind about the song then where I was hoping the game play is good. So the game starts where you plant crops and make money from harvesting it. Then you start saving up to purchase land that are nearby you. When you enough to use, the land you purchase will have a shop there. Those shop specializes in certain crops and you can plant those crops in the vicinity of the shop which is highlighted when you select the shop. Something fun about those shops is that they give out missions and when you manage to harvest the amount wanted by the shop you will be rewarded. Other things you can do in the game is to upgrade your crops to make them have better rankings. There is also the option of investment where you unlock more buildings and also visitors to the farm.

The reason to upgrade the crops is to take part in contests and ensure that you have better chance to win. Winning gives you items which helps your crops, farm and your employees which can up their stats. You can also create special items to sell in your shops but before that you will have to unlock the Lab that extract things from the crops as ingredients. You can also use those ingredients to create items instead of getting them as rewards. 

Overall there can be many things to do in the game but it's very repetitive because you have to keep upgrading crops, leveling up employee stats and such.  I don't particularly love this game because it's nothing new at all hence I think this game is not really worth the money at all. I was really looking forward to a new idea in Kairosoft but I was disappointed. Below are some pictures of the game, hope it gives you some insight.

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