Friday, November 15, 2013

Clockwork Prince

Tessa and Jem traveled to Westminster Abbey as there was a meeting there with the council. Jem was showing Tessa something and then they stumble upon Will at that time and all three headed to the amphitheater. Charlotte, Henry and Jessamine was already there and they entered late. Tessa could see that the Lightwoods were there and also some other shadowhunters who had came for a meeting before the de Quincey ambush. At the center of the meeting was Consul Wayland and the Inquisitor as well. Charlotte explained the whole situation about Mortmain on what happened with the de Quincey raid to the institute being attacked.

Benedict said that Charlotte was not fit to run the institute since she could not see that there was a spy under their roof which was Tessa's brother and easily allowed Mortmain to attack. Benedict Lightwood challenged for her position and was supported by 3 more shadowhunters. In order to make matters fair, Consul Wayland gave the task of finding Mortmain within 2 weeks for Charlotte. If she could not prove herself then she would lose her place in the institute. Since Charlotte will be busy searching for Mortmain, Benedict offered his two sons to train Sophie and Tessa to be combat ready. Charlotte was upset with Consul Wayland's decision but she had no other choice. They all went back to the institute and began to investigate everything about Mortmain and why he hated the shadowhunters.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare  is the second book to the infernal devices trilogy. It continues where the first book has left off which was Mortmain escaping and also killing two servants of the London Institute when he attacked. I love how the story continues smoothly from the first to second book and the plots are just wonderful. There are so many beautiful scenes and dialogues that I love and some humor here and there too. I was amazed by the first book and this book really tops it and made the story even better than it was.

I have to say that this book covers it's mysteries really well leaving no room for flaws in the story. From the start till the end the characters draw me in and I could not help feeling the same as they do. I really really love the main characters of the book because their personality, actions and emotions are just so real. There is just so much happening to a person that it's so acceptable that those people are reacting the way they do. The author did not just wholly focus on the main characters but also gave many of the side characters room to grow and change. The interactions of all the characters and how they grow is what makes this book so interesting besides the plot of course.

I honestly get really excited when there are plots about relationships and I couldn't stop reading and just wanted more of it.  The climax and the ending of this book was fantastic and I know I can expect good things from the final book. A fantastic page turner and the author manage to keep us readers on our toes about the mystery that the shadowhunters have yet to unlock. If you have read the first book then no doubt you should pick up the second. This book will not let you down and I'm so excited that I picked up this series after the whole trilogy is completed so I don't need to wait for the third book. 

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