Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel is sixteen years old living with cancer. She only wants to stay at home and watch tv which her mom believed Hazel is suffering from depression a side effect of cancer. Hazel mother decided that she needed to join a support group to social and go outside more. The support group consists of other teenagers who are also either living with cancer or have cured suffer. One day she met a new boy who is a year older in the group and throughout the whole session he kept staring at her. Hazel stared back as a contest with the boy. When he was his turn to share, Augustus was suffering from cancer and he was there to support his friend Isaac. Soon Hazel and Gus became friends and hang out together where they eventually fall in love.

The Fault in Our Stars  by John Green is about two teenagers who are young but with limited lifespan falling in love and living out the best of today. I was greatly challenge when I read this book because it was intelligently written. Almost every chapter I had to pull out the dictionary to look up words. I believe my vocabulary is weak but I loved that this book is written with big words beautifully. I have never came across another young adult fiction author using words like hamartia, sedentary or contemporaneity. This book is a very meaningful book and it makes you think about life much. I would really put this book under the slice of life category because I believe that there are similar instances like these happening to people around the world.

I love the characters of the book which makes the book fantastic. The thoughts and actions of the characters is what makes this book real and touching. The characters are not sophisticated people neither are they difficult,they are just real. This book have a smooth flow in the plotting and suddenly it takes you by surprise and leaving you with strong emotions. This is not your typical romance between teenagers but how people deal with their diffcult situations.

The book is simple with a strong message to the readers. I was nearly crying at the end of the book but I restrained because my sister was next to me. This book made think real hard about life and ponder many things. I would definitely read this book again next month to hopefully get a different insight and also to brush up my vocabulary. I highly recommend this book as it is now my favorite slice of life/contemporary young adult novel. If you want a tear jerking story and thought pondering one, this is the right book.

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