Thursday, August 22, 2013

My life next door

Samantha grew up with her older sister having a single mother. Her father have left before she was born and her mother took care of both sister with her trust fund. Her mother have taught her many things and her mother was also a sort of perfectionist. When a new neighbor moves in, Sam was excited because she will have new friends to play with. Her mother did not like the Garretts for they are a big messy family. 

She always complains about their toys being all over the lawn, complains about why people have so many children and the list goes on. The neighbors were always lively and noisy all the time. Sam is fascinated that they have that kinda of life and she usually sits outside her window and watches the family. She tried to figure out who was who sometimes, pinpointing the names of everyone but there were too many boys. One night while she was watching, she nearly fell when Jase the second son talked to her. She felt shy but also wanting to tell her somethings that was happening in her life. Slowly they fell in love with each other but seeing how Sam's mother was judging the Garretts, she had to keep this relationship a secret.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick is about a young girl, her summer love and her life. This book is realistic when it comes to teenagers' life and I love it. Although I don't have that kind of life but I bet there will be many who can relate to it. I love the simple writing of the book and the best part for me are the characters of the story.  I love how real the characters react to situation, their thoughts and their actions. Reading this book makes me want to be young again hoping to have a different kind of high school experience.

The plots are smooth and slowly edging to a climax which made reading quite pleasant. I have to say that the printing on the book made me slightly excited to find out what's the secret and what choice was needed to be made. When I found out I thought it was quite a good plot to it. This book really has good meaning to it where it teaches you a moral value. I love books who can always tell a good story, relate to the real world and teaching people at the same time. Although I would not pick up this book to read again anytime soon but when I'm feeling nostalgic of my youth I will definitely read it again.

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