Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Tale of Time City

Vivian Smith and many other children from London was being evacuated into the countryside because of the war. She was going to live with Cousin Marty until it was safe to go home. Once the train had arrived at the platform, a tall person took her suitcase and escorted Vivian around the station. She followed him because he took her suitcase. She had no idea how cousin Marty look like so she assume this must be him. She followed him into the Waiting Room of the station and then something weird happened where she was crowding with the person in a telephone booth. 

Once everything seemed clearer, she found she was in an office and there was a small boy waiting. The small boy said happily "You got her" and Vivian know something strange is happening. The taller boy slowly stripped off his costume and he had pigtails, his name is Jonathan. The smaller boy had red hair and his shoelace was undone is Sam. Apparently Vivian is the time lady and they kidnapped her to save Time City which was where Vivian is currently at. They both asked her about her husband Faber John who is the founder of the city and where to find to him. Vivian told them the truth that she has no husband and she does know who Faber John is. It seems that Jonathan and Sam have kidnapped the wrong Vivian Smith because she is not the time lady. They both are in big trouble because they have broken many laws by time travelling and also bringing a person from history into the city.

A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones is about a city that is about to crumble and three children doing something in order to save the city and history. This book has an excellent story because the plots are quite surprising. It's isn't about how the characters grow but it's about their adventure and how they act on each incident. It's quite straight forward who these characters are but there are some who are unexpected. The description of the city is detail and if you have a good imagination it's a beautiful and weird place at the same time.  

The author truly made this story real and true to the behaviors of human. Although stories regarding time travel is tedious but don't think too much into it and just enjoy the plot. I have to say that the time travelling does indeed impact those places but because of certain factors it happened without any flaws. I have always loved this author's books and this one is another added to my favorites. Even though this book is intended for young adults but I feel any age would love this book. If I wanted an adventure that had time travelling and a unique city this book is definitely a good one. I would read this book again because it's just a wonderful adventure. I also forgot to mention that this book is funny too.

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