Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Night

Lottie is getting excited at the restaurant that her boyfriend Richard booked and she is thinking that he will propose today. Lottie had many failed relationships and Richard is finally the one for her. They understood each other just by looking at each other. Richard mentioned he had a big question to ask and Lottie got so excited she excused herself to the toilet first. In the end, it was a big misunderstanding which resulted with Lottie breaking up with Richard because they didn't want the same things. Lottie stormed out of the restaurant without giving Richard a chance to say more and he had to fly to San Francisco for work the next day.

Fliss is the editor of a magazine that reviews hotels and she loved her job. While working she received a message from her sister saying that Richard will propose soon and she is excited for her. Fliss felt that Richard is the one for her sister because he was the best out of all the failed relationships Lottie had. After awhile, Fliss have gotten a message that there was no proposal and they broke up instead. Fliss got worried because everything Lottie breaks up she will make irrational choices which are bad and Fliss calls it Lottie's Unfortunate Choices. Fliss could not keep checking on Lottie because she had a ceremony to handle and worse her son who was suppose to be with her ex was dropped off at her office. Her divorce is a on going disaster because her ex doesn't care much about everything and just listens to his current girlfriend. He also dropped more conditions for their divorce which made Fliss mad. 

Lottie was devastated and sad, she got a call at the office from Ben who mentioned that Lottie will know. She kept thinking who is Ben that was once in her life and then remembered that he was the guy that she hooked up with at her gap year vacation in Ikonos, Greece. She decided to have dinner with him. During dinner, Ben was reminiscing all the good times that they had in Ikonos and Lottie was feeling all teenager again. Ben proclaimed that he loved her for fifteen years and they should have been together. He got down on one knee and proposed to Lottie whereby she accepted. Lottie said that they should make their wedding night special hence they will hold off sex till then which made is more exciting.

The next day, Fliss was going on vacation with her son Noah but actually she was out to review more hotels. After she was back from vacation, she decided to check on Lottie so she called her office and found out that Lottie was out shopping. Fliss then called Lottie's cellphone and Lottie was so excited telling Fliss that she was engaged and she is shopping for lingerie to wear on her wedding night. Fliss was happy for Lottie that she is finally getting married with Richard and she was invited to attend the ceremony which is happening the next day. Fliss thought it was odd that they were getting married so quickly without a wedding reception and after more talks she got shocked that Lottie is marrying a guy called Ben which she didn't know who it was. It was Lottie's unfortunate choices and Fliss must put a stop to it before Lottie ends up in a heartbreak or a bad divorce like herself.

Wedding Night  by Sophie Kinsella is about a woman rushing into marriage and her sister trying to stop it. I love Sophie Kinsella's works all the time and this one is no exception. I love that the story is very refreshing to me. I enjoyed the characters a lot especially the elder sister Fliss where she has the kind of personality that makes the story realistic. Fliss' story is the realistic to the world because divorce is tough to go through and it kind of changes a person. Lottie on the other hand is trying to be a strong person and keeping herself occupied instead of grieving for the relationship that she lost. The thing I love about this author's books is that it's always funny and this book is not excluded.

The start of the story is  like an introduction to the ladies and slowly it reaches the middle part where all the funny parts start and it's the most enjoyable part of the book for me. As I read the book, I have many anticipations for the story and I'm happy that some of it happened which made me feel that I could think like the writer. People would say that it's called predictable but to me I love being able to predict chick lits because I love that love story goes my way and there is always a happy ending.

I often compare her books with each other and I still find that Twenties Girl is my favorite one because it was funny from start to end and it was touching too. Nevertheless this is still a great book to read with two characters that are interesting and a story line that is refreshing and funny. Because I love her books much I bought the hardcover one and I recommend it to book collectors of her works. This book is worth the money and the time to spend on. 

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