Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fire and Hemlock

Polly was packing to get ready to go back to college and then she stared at the Fire and Hemlock picture above her bed at Granny's home. She always saw the picture in different ways and it jolted some memories that she thought she didn't have. Polly was ten years old and it was Halloween where she and her friend Nina dressed up and went to play. Nina always like to play pretend and threaten Polly to go along with her else she won't be her friend. And so they both made up an adventure that day and climbed walls to people's home. Along the way Polly got separated from Nina and ended up in Hunsdon House. There was a funeral happening there and it was the first time that Polly met Thomas Lynn who was just an ex husband of the deceased daughter.

Tom brought Polly out of the hall where the will was read out and he showed her the outside of the place. Polly started a game of make believe with Mr Lynn and saying he was a hero and she was his assistant and they go on heroic adventures together. After that day, Polly kept in touch with Mr Lynn and they exchanged letters about what adventures they went on.

Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones is a story about a girl growing up from ten to nineteen, a story filled with adventures and mystery. I retained myself from writing too much in the summary because it will spoil you from enjoying the book hence this is one that gave a general idea of the stories that is written. This book was published long ago in the 1980s and the version I bought was a reprint along with Garth Nix introducing the book and also a little more one the creative process of the book by the author. I loved the introduction because it gave me the thoughts of another fantasy writer on Diana. Throughout the book I spent many times reading back on sentences to understand and to imagine what was happening. Maybe I'm too lousy in picturing but it was kinda hard but enjoying.

 At the end of the book I was thinking I'm a bit confused as to how it came to that ending and there were many elements that I lost track of. Being confused a bit was not a bad thing to me and it was this feeling that made me love the book because you have to keep track of the events and also try to understand what was happening. The events that happened were really interesting and it all had some meaning to how things turned out. I will definitely read this book again in a few months time because I'm sure I will discover new things just like Garth Nix did.  The reread value of this book is definitely high and worth the money. I'm totally amazed by Diana and I wished she was still alive to write more interesting stories.

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