Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Happens In London

When Olivia heard some gossip from her friend's that her new neighbor killed his fiance, she got curious. And so Olivia started to spy on him from her room window which has a view to his study place. Harry was getting annoyed that his neighbor was spying on him and it interrupted his work which is translating documents from the war office. On the fifth day, when Harry turned around and looked right at Olivia, she dropped to the ground quickly hoping that he did not see her. She was wrong and she was teased when they meet at the Smythe-Smith musicale which had an impromptu dancing. Harry took the first dance with Olivia and teased her as much as he could and declared that he didn't like her.

Harry didn't like Olivia and hoped not to see her again and by declaring it to her, he wished that it will stop her spying. Sadly the war office wanted to see Harry and they gave him an assignment to spy on a foreign prince who was suspected of plotting against England. This prince was interested in Olivia and thus the office also instructed him to watch over her. Olivia was invited to visit the prince and she did not like the idea of marrying into royalty and when she said she was going to meet the prince at the Mottram Ball, Harry decided that he will attend too. His motive was to watch and report and without realizing it he started to enjoy being in Olivia's company and so does Olivia.

What Happens in London by Julia Quinn is about two people who did not like each other at first but when they get to be friends, they felt more than that. What I love about this book is there was more story to the main male character than the female counterpart. It was great knowing a bit more history for him and I loved reading his reactions to situations. I loved his thinking, his jealousy towards other men pursuing his true love and also how he acted to show her his love. 

The plot of the story slowly thickens and I like how nearing the ending it was unpredictable. Even though the story is slow pace but the conversations and the events are just funny and lovely to read about. Sir Harry is definitely my kinda guy, not romantic but a man who is true to his feelings and someone who will not hide his feelings from a lady. If you ask me whether this was a good book, I'd said yes and I would read it again and again on the funny conversations that happened in the book.

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