Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream House Days

Do you love playing the Sims but sometimes hate that you have to control their every move? If you let them be then your characters will do stupid things like not going to work. Fortunately for Android users, Kairosoft have released another free to play game on Google Play and it's a simulation game. I love that this game allows you to design homes without controlling your residents. Somethings you do have power over which is what clothes they wear and also what jobs they are doing.

I didn't know much about this game until my friends told me about it and once I got it installed then played it, it was love. I spent quite some hours getting to know the game and it's not as easy as you think it is. The tough part is giving the residents comfort yet not losing in terms of profit. It's hard to manage because I always did not manage to get everyone to pay the full rent all the time. The element of surprise in this game is the furnishing, the jobs and also the clothing available.  Not to forget that the trophies you win in the game also contributes to the end game points which is on year 20 of the game.

My first game was just lousy because I was just learning the game and many resources were needed to unlock furnishing. After you're done with it, there will be items sold in the Pumpkin store to help ease your following new game. The two things that I feel is needed is to unlock the fast speed which requires 50 tickets and the next would be transferring your data over to the new game. What the transfer of data will do is it will retain the level of the furnishing and also the level of a job when you make that purchase which cause 20 tickets. It is important because the job level determines the salary of your residents and the furnishing level determines the rent and comfort of that object.

Update: Dream House Days: Special RoomsDream House Days: Tips

Even though you might rent out a place with just a bed and a small table with the green cushion, the rent and comfort could be quite high. There are also combos or in this game it's called special rooms that help you earn more in rent and also increasing comfort level. It's tough figuring this part out because you have to keep experimenting with different type of floors combo with the furniture to get it. So far I've not manage a lot with this area but you can actually unlock more by using the tickets you have but it costs a lot and the tickets are not something that comes by easy.

Tickets is something that is most valuable in this game and it can be obtained in a few ways. Number one, for every 7 minutes you play you get 1 ticket but maximum is only 10 at a time so if you can keep track of time then remember to save and exit to menu and reload the game to collect the tickets. Any announcement or every time the game is pause by assessing the menu those minutes are not counted. Number two is by adding friends at the start menu of the game which gives you 10 tickets and every 40 minutes that friend plays you get 1 ticket. When you are connected to the internet, you can add your friends by searching their IDs and fear not if you have no friends the game will recommend you to people. I know this sounds bad but when you realize your added friend have not spent time with the game it's time to delete them and add new ones.

My current goal with the game is to try and unlock more job type and furniture. I also hope that I can find more special room combos and I will write a separate post for it. The more you play this game the more things you will get to unlock and remember to always save up on tickets and plan to use it properly. Below are some pictures of the game when I first started it.

Researching on furniture

Residents getting married

Residents moving out after a certain time

Ranking inside the game

How ending points are calculated

Ranking compared to worldwide


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