Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beastie Bay : An Overview

When I saw that this game was free I had my doubts because all Kairosoft games are not free. Then I had a friend talking about it and said it was good and so I installed it on my tablet. This game is a mash up of the Kairosoft trademark and Pokemon on the gameboy. It's so addictive that I played it for more than four hours straight. The idea of the game is like Pokemon,  you rare beast which are your allies and they help you in your quest. Your mission is to unlock areas on your island and also help other islands with their monster problems. 

In Pokemon you travel around fighting Gym leaders, but this game you help people handle their monsters problem by clearing them off. The Kairosoft trademark in this game is every unknown land you discovered on your island it belongs to you. You have to build homes for your allies and they will help you in gathering resources. In your quests, you will get to save people who are trapped and they will be residents on your island hence you have more people helping out in gathering resources. Other elements of the game is your characters will have tools to help the journey and also your allies have equipment to help boost their stats.

I have to say I'm impress with this game because of the idea and also because it's free. If Pokemon added the element of having the power to build and upgrade stuff then it would have more play-ability. People would spend many hours on the game just like how I'm addicted and have spent many many hours on this. This game is a must try because you have adventure, control over allies and the power of building. Below are some pictures of how the game is. 

Travelling to other islands

Unexplored area

Enemies during the sea voyage

Menu options

World map
Reward for the time spend on the previous time you played

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