Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sushi Spinnery : An Overview

Do you love sushi? The art of making it? Is your dream to be a sushi restaurant owner? Well you no longer need wait because you can make it happen in a game =P.So this Kairosoft game was released after Pocket Clothier and I immediately bought it because I'm so addicted to their games. It's simple you own a sushi restaurant, you provide your customers the best sushi you can ever make. Honestly, it's simple but not an easy game because you will have to create sushi to impress customers which will unlock more customers. Also running a good sushi store will unlock more decorations and store items. 

To make good sushi, sushi coin is utilized to obtain good ingredients which gives you the good sushi. Winning contest will also help the restaurant but it is not easy because you need to slowly work out a sushi that will impress the judges. There is a lot of figuring out to do in order to unlock new stuff. I'm just playing my first rotation of the game and it is really hard to come out with good sushi combos and I've spent much sushi coin which result to nothing gained. Another thing about preparing sushi, the sushi chef must also have good skills because if they have low prep skill and discern skill, the amount of ingredients used and also how much of texture, flavor, aroma and such level up will suffer. 

Overall I love a Kairosoft game that gives challenges but I feel that I need some hints to help with making new sushi because in real life I'm not a sushi eater, I just go to these places with my friends and I'll be eating Curry Rice or some other hot, cooked food. Not being familiar with Japanese cuisine and culture is the disadvantage I have over the game. All I can do is simply try and try and hopefully my next rotation I'll figure out more. I will be posting information that will help your progress in the game but it will take some time because there are a lot of elements and I need to think what information is useful for me to keep track off. Thank you for reading and I hope this small overview gives you an insight to the game. Below are some screen shots of my game.


  1. Hm .. this one looks fairly interesting ~ Still am playing cafeteria and dungeon village but just about finished with those ! A new one would be very nice.

    1. I love those two games, I'm still figuring out this game, needs a bit more experimenting than the rest.


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