Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diablo 3

I'm just so so excited when I received my copy of the game. Even though it's one day late but after my friend told me he got the package I was jumping up and down a bit =P. I have not played Diablo I but last year I did play Diablo II with my friends so unlike other people I only waited almost a year for this game where else my friends have waited 11 years. I do not know much to actually tell the story here. My knowledge about Diablo is only reading the prequel books that was published and I enjoyed the trilogy. 

I've managed to play till the part where the Open beta weekend allowed which makes my character level 10. So far the story is interesting and I'm expecting more from Blizzard because all the while they are good story tellers in their games. This game is quite simple to play compared to MMORPGs because mostly what you do is fight monsters and complete quests. Anyway anymore writing will be spoilers to people who play so I'll end this short post with some pictures of the Diablo III game box.

1 guest pass for WoW and 2 for Diablo 3

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