Monday, April 16, 2012

An Offer from A Gentleman

Sophie Beckett has always known who she was as a child, a bastard child, though every servant did not talk about it, they all knew. Sophie looked like her grandmother which proves that she is related to the earl but the earl just said she was an orphaned daughter of an old friend. Sophie had lessons alone and was delighted when the earl was getting married and the lady had two daughters. She thought she would have sisters to play with at last. She thought wrong because the woman Araminta did not like her and did not allow her children to play with her. All things changed when the earl died and Sophie was since then treated as a servant.

Benedict was the second child of eight and often people only recognized him as the second or the tallest among the brothers. People of the society definitely know him as a Bridgerton but not as himself because Anthony is the viscount and Colin is the charming, witty one.Benedict was forced the attend the masquerade ball that his mother Victoria hosted. People would walk by him and knew he was the second child of Bridgerton family. His mother spotted him and requested him to dance with the debutantes but he was quite reluctant and then he saw Penelope Featherington all alone so helped her by asking her to dance with him because her costume was not a flattering one.

Just when Benedict was about to go ask for a dance from Penelope, the room was filled with low mumbling and he turned. Benedict saw the most breathtaking woman he had ever seen and he made his way to her to ask for a dance. She did not know how to dance and so he brought her elsewhere to teach her. Sophie was excited because she had never been to a ball and with the costume she was able to hide her identity. Since she was in a disguise, she felt there was no wrong in following this man which she knew to be Benedict Bridgerton from what she read in Lady Whistledown's papers. It was like a dream come true for the both of them but Sophie could not stay long and so she fled the ball early and Benedict chased after her. Unfortunately he could not catch up and lost sight of her.

Araminta found out of Sophie's betrayal and locked her down. Sophie could not take it anymore and left the place to find her place in the world but she did something bad so there was no turning back. A few years later, Sophie was working for a family but the son of the family decided to throw a party when the parents were not around. A lot of men was around and along with the man they assaulted Sophie. Fortunately for her, Benedict was invited to the party and he himself did not enjoy and fled early. That was when he saw the poor servant being harassed and he stepped in to save her. Sophie was shocked to find him there but also relieved that she was save. Benedict could not recognize her and she was somewhat disappointed, but what could she hope for since she was a servant. Since she had no place to go, Benedict offered to guarantee a job at his mother's home. Sophie was afraid to go back to London but she had no choice since Benedict insisted.

An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn is the third book to the Bridgerton family series and it's about Benedict the second son of the family. If you loved the first two books, you'll love this too. The characters are different where Benedict has a crisis on who he is in the society, it's not really a crisis but more towards a conflict for himself. The heroine is also a person of mystery, not to the readers but to Benedict. The excitement you get from the book is will he ever find out? You'll also love how you to get to read more about who Benedict is and also the heroine and how she struggled with life. 

The thing I love about this book is you get to know the characters well, you read about their endeavors especially the heroine. Sophie is definitely a different kinda girl from those that you read because of her background. I love that the story where characters have conflict with themselves whether to make the decisions they have to make. Lastly, I love that this book gave a little twist at the back and I enjoyed it. Overall, the flow of the story is well written, I liked every bit of it. For me I liked the first two book more, I guess it's because I like the two main characters more in those books than these two. But still a good book because I love reading more about this family.

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