Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 51 to 55

Oh gosh when I did some counting on my calendar, I realized that I'm suppose to learn my 100th word today. But unfortunately for me I did not catch up at all. I'm so disappointed with myself in my progress and here this post I'm only at halfway point. I should not drag this so long so I'm going straight to the point here but before that I really love to associate my daily life if I could with the words that I learn. I really want to put more than just words to a post. Instead I want to put life into things that I learn and hopefully you enjoy reading, learning and knowing a bit about me too.

  1. Pacifist - heiwashugisha, 平和主義者
  2. Quake - jishin, 地震
  3. Race - minzoku, 民族
  4. Sacrifice - ikenie, 生け贄
  5. Tablespoon - ōsaji, 大さじ
Quake and race is easy to remember since it's kanji again, especially race because the way to pronounce is so close to mandarin. Happy Learning as always.

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