Friday, April 6, 2012

The Duke and I

Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth child of Violet and the eldest daughter who has been in two seasons but yet to find a husband. To most eligible men in London, she is a witty, kind and they liked her but not in the way that those men were awed by her beauty or that they would write poems for her. There were a few who asked for her hand but they were not the type of men that she can picture spending the rest of her life with.

Simon Basset the new duke of Hastings have returned to London and the first person he looked up was Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne's eldest brother. Simon and his father was not on good terms and he traveled  a few years to avoid his father. When news of his father has passed, he soon returned to London. It was his birthright to the name and duties left by his father. Since becoming the new duke, many Ambitious Mama soon target him as a gentleman worthy for their daughters to marry too.

Simon wanted to remove himself from being targeted and then made a deal with Daphne that he will portray that he is courting her hence made Daphne more desirable for other men. The plan worked and after the news was spread, many gentleman came to call upon Daphne in the morning itself. It was a good plan but Anthony did not agree with it, apart from that Daphne soon feels she has fallen for Simon. How will things go since Simon is a man who does not want to marry and Daphne is a lady who wants a family of her own desperately.

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn is a historical romance about a girl who loves a man but this man might not love her back the same way. It is the first book for The Bridgerton Family series, which consists of eight books each book about the love story for the children of the Bridgerton family. After reading Just Like Heaven, I began scouting for other Julia Quinn's novels and these are one of the earlier books she has written. I totally fell in love with her stories after reading this book and I just went ahead and bought a few more titles. What I love about this book is the characters that are written, how they slowly develop relationships and of course I love how this romance turned out to be. I would have to say that the heroine is the one I love the most, her personality is just wonderful and it captures each special moment in the story. As for the Hero, he's not bad as he has his reasons to turn out to be the person he is. But still he could do a lot better which made the lady in the book look so wonderful as a wife.

What I enjoy about the other characters in the story is the family itself, how between siblings there is much love shown. When the family gathers you can see it's a wonderful family even though they often joke about each other and have sarcastic remarks, it's all fun and love. When the siblings are in conversation with each other, it's often where the humor of the book can be found. Besides that, certain events are also funny but I don't want to be a spoiler. I really really love how the flow of the story is and how things turn out to be. I'm really happy that I get to read her wonderful writing and that there are 7 more books about this wonderful family. I adore the era that this romance book is plotted in, I have always had interest in how gentleman during this era court ladies. It's definitely an era that I love and often dreamed to be in.

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