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Meena Harper has a new life now where she has a new job since her previous employers was turned into vampires and then killed by The Palatine Guard. A new home because the Dracul had ransacked her house and destroyed most of the furniture there. Things totally changed where now Meena will be the physic for The Palatine Guard to predict her new  colleague's death so that they can better grasp what demon might come next.

Meena kept having the same bad dream lately about her previous boyfriend David who dumped her for another woman (Brianna). She had a bad feeling for him and all she could sense was darkness for him. So to warn him she had no choice but to meet up with him. The moment she got into his car, she could smell that he reeked alcohol. She didn't know how to break the news to him because his future seemed so bright where he was already married to Brianna and they now have a baby. She was regretting now because he acted peculiar.

David said that she was the one for him and he was questioning himself why he had let her go because she was magical. Suddenly David was making advances at her, where he kissed her and also his hands slipped down her neckline. David wanted her but Meena thinks that since he was so drunk, now it's not the time to tell him about his bad news. So Meena took his keys to make him take a cab home. When she opened the door to get out of the car, David took hold of her wrist tightly and opened his mouth wide revealing a set of pointed fangs. 

She could not believe that David was turned into a vampire and he attacked her. Suddenly the driver seat door was flung open and then David disappeared. He was on top of her and then he was gone, things happened so quickly. She was still in shock and looked around and then suddenly a body slammed onto the hood of the car. Meena screamed and when someone tapped at her side of the window she screamed again for not recognizing it was Lucien Antonescu.

Overbite  by  Meg Cabot is the sequel to Insatiable where the story continues with Meena's new life as an employee of The Palatine Guard. I totally love this book and I wished it never ended. The plot of the story has the main characters who are the same in terms of personality and also with a few new characters. The new characters made this story totally interesting and mysterious. When it comes to the main characters they are just how they were in the previous book but still wonderful to me because as the plot thickens, a different side of there characters were shown and I really enjoyed it.

This book no doubt is thrilling, romantic and definitely funny. It's not a romantic comedy kind of book but there is plenty of humor from a specific character that I will not reveal here. This book really got me hooked as it's not predictable at all so you just keep reading to reveal more plot. It's certainly refreshing for me because I have not read anything similar to this book before. I really love this story as during my reading process I read some chapters over again but not because I don't understand or anything. I just wanted to picture those lines over and over again. 

If you have read Insatiable, this is not to be missed because the first book made me want more of Meena Harper, her brother Jon, The Palatine Guards and not to forget Alaric Wulf. Hopefully Meg Cabot will have future stories for these characters as I feel there can always be more to tell on the demons and more depth to a characters' development in a story. It definitely won't bore me and if this was a longer series like Princess Diaries.This is not like Buffy or anything near Angel, because it's not packed completely with demon hunting and killing only.  It's my most favourite series from Meg Cabot overtaking Queen of Babbles series.

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