Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Japanese Word of the Day - 21 to 25

I think there should be more than 50+ Japanese words that I should had learned but I'm not. I feel kinda shameful that I did not follow through with my plan and honestly I have no excuse in this. When I set my mind to write this I didn't want it to be just plain Japanese words only but I wanted to share a story or an experience with every word to make it special. Sometimes it's hard because my memory just isn't as good as when I was in college where I could study and remember with photographic memory. I remembered those days where I can memorize slides that have been printed knowing at what placement it was on a page (I print 6 slides per page). Throughout the years I notice that my memory did not serve me well where I forget things that I wanted to say almost within 5 minutes. I can't even remember what I've ate last week. I think what I need is memory exercises if it exist. I used to play brain age on my DS to help and I totally stopped playing for a long time, maybe it's time to practice again. So in relation with what I've written I will again learn 5 words this time.

  1. shameful - hazubeki , 恥ずべき
  2. excuse - benkai , 弁解
  3. college - daigaku , 大学
  4. memory - kioku , 記憶
  5. exercises - renshū, 練習

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