Sunday, November 20, 2011


Candy in different shapes, in different colors, in different flavors, love them all!! Candylicious is a large store that sells candy, yeah the name says it all, HAHA. I first came across this store in Singapore when I visited Resort World Sentosa. The decorations for the store is just adorable and makes you crave for candy so much. When you enter you'll just see rows and rows of candy all organized based on brands. There's M&M's in different colors and also merchandises. Below is a picture taken outside the store which was in Singapore since photography is not allowed inside. 

I really love the candy there but buying it in Singapore Dollar is kinda costly but all is not despair. Last Friday I went to KLCC and saw that it was opened at the old spot where Toys' R Us used to be located at. It's not as  big as Singapore but still big enough to carry the candy I love from this store. The decoration is not as fabulous but not lacking either. It's a cute candy store that you would not miss. So I went into the store and bought my favorite candy and the best part it was cheaper to purchase it here. Below are pictures of my haul.

The plastic bag with "Eat Happy" as their slogan

Rock Candy

Closer shot of the rock candy

Rock Candy and Lollipops

The two green rock candy is Sour Apple, red is cherry, pink is cotton candy,  blue is raspberry, clear is original flavor.  Lollipop left to right : Fizzymix sherbet (lemon), Americola Sherbet, Fizzymix sherbet (no idea what flavor), Fizzymix sherbet (cherry), Lemon Ice-ball
My favorite rock candy is cherry and sour apple. Some of the lollipop flavors are new so I'm excited to try them out. Have a happy sweet week!! I hope I won't spoil my teeth :P

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