Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blood+ 4 - Nankurunaisa

Following Diva the Red shield gang have arrived in New York USA. Diva was to have a concert at the Metropolitan Opera House, as to the reason why they have yet to know. Saya is weakening slowly as her hibernation time is nearing. She feels weak and sleepy most of the time as it crept close to her. She fears that she might not have enough time to fight Diva to save the human world from Chiropteran domination. Between Hagi and Saya she had made him promise her that when the time comes he would end her life. 

In the mean time, Mao and Okamura went to LA to investigate the reason for Diva's concert and while they were there their rented apartment exploded and so they head back to New York to report their findings. After revealing a video where Anshel was shot in a restaurant with the gang they can conclude that some people were not happy with Anshel being around and have plotted to kill him but obviously a chevalier would not die so easily. Okamura manage to investigate that this could be related to the US military.

Weeks later the whole gang went to Ohio as Diva has a mini concert at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The secretary of defense and also secretary of the state were present at the place as an experiment were about to happen. Meanwhile Julia was doing a body check for Diva and discovered that she was pregnant with twins inside which was conceive with Riku. She was curious how it was only possible with Saya's chevalier that it is made happen. Anshel has decided to let Julia take care of Diva which gives her the access to her blood and to research on the babies inside of her. Professor Collins who is Julia's mentor was jealous of her and thought that he should be the one who is caring for Diva and with his envious heart he plans to change things. Just as he was about to attack Julia, David came and save the day which resulted in the professor's death and him getting hurt.

The rest of the gang was waiting for something to happen and notice that they were giving away candy bars to spectators of the concert. Mao was in the crowd scouting around while Kai was near the backstage. He was discovered by Anshel and was captured and brought to Diva at her trailer. There Diva said she wanted Kai to be her chevalier and with that he can mate with Saya and make babies. Kai was shocked of the news that Diva was pregnant with Riku's twins and had conflicting feelings in killing Diva. Nathan came in and informed that it is time for Diva to perform and insisted that Kai followed as well.

I have finally finished the final book of the series, I had bought the book since last year and only this year did I come to read it. The story of this book was focused in USA and brought conclusion to everything. I feel that this book lack the action compared to the previous books and it's focused on ending the story for the characters. The Schiff, Diva's chevaliers and everyone had an ending and I was quite satisfied with it. I was satisfied on Saya's part as I had something else in my mind that would have made a great ending. But I do understand why it ended that way instead of how I predicted it to be. Overall this is a good fantasy series from the Japanese because it's quite original and the development of the characters in the story is good without leaving out anyone. I don't think I would read it all over again but would probably enjoy watching the animation more as you can see more of the action coming to life instead of imagining it.

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