Friday, July 22, 2011

The 12 hour Atrium Marathon Buffet

When it comes to food I have to admit that I'm picky. There's so many types of food that I love, food that I loathe and food that I'm okay with. One thing that I love the most is my dad's western cooking, it tastes absolutely delicious. I've been to many western restaurants there's none that can beat the taste and love from my dad. I can say now that I manage to reproduce his Spaghetti Bolognese taste's after observing him cook so many years. So back to the topic, going to a buffet is not so beneficial for a picky person as me but it's still fun as I can eat the things I like in bigger quantity. Not so long ago, my friends saw a good deal on a website and bought coupons to the buffet mentioned in my title.

Last Sunday my friends made the booking and we went to try this buffet which last 12 hours. Obviously eating for 12 hours straight is impossible therefore participants are allowed to go in and out of the place within the 12 hours. There were a variety of food and Penang food was one of the themes of the week. For a 4 star hotel, the food was just average, not really extraordinary. We dined from 11ish till 2 pm and went to watch Transformers in Sunway TGV which greatly disappointed me as the seats were really uncomfortable. My legs were on the verge of getting cramps as there weren't any space to stretch even the tiniest bit. This is definitely the worse cinema experience I have in my entire life. After the movie we went back to eat again till about 7ish and took a short mall in the mall then continued eating until 10ish. The dishes served for dinner are slightly different whereby the shell foods (oysters and mussels) were presented. Overall it was an okay meal, because of the coupon we paid RM 55 only without any tax. In the end, the thing I enjoyed was the company of friends more than the meal. Below are some pictures I took of the food served:

 My album with more pictures:Food marathon

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