Sunday, April 25, 2010

Queen of Babble

With no place to go and no money to leave London, Lizzie Nichols is in big trouble, and also the money to visit her boyfriend in London is her college graduation money. When she reached London she was only filled with disappointment, she couldn't recognise Andrew and thought he was a stalker. She then went to live with Andrew and the family in a small flat which was kinda disastrous for she thought they would be alone. Lizzie was further disappointed when she found that that her boyfriend wasn't honest at all and was trying to cheat some money out of her, so then she gets away from him and calls her best friend Shari for help.

Thank to Shari, Lizzie managed to get a job by helping Shari cater at a wedding in south of France. She then takes a train to south of France to reach the Chateau Mirac. It's an exciting summer  where Lizzie's meets someone special on the train and found out that he (Luke) is the bribe's cousin.  She also messes up a lot because of her big mouth and the things she says. She still manages to fix the problems in the end and gets hooked up with the handsome Luke.

This book is filled with lots of laughter, interesting love story and great character development. I really enjoyed this book by Meg Cabot and you could see a lot of research must have been done for in every new chapter there is a quote that is related to gossiping for Lizzie loves to do that. Other than that, the writer also inserts Lizzie's final year thesis before every chapter which is some small parts of the thesis. The thesis is about history of fashion which I don't know anything myself so it was a good read. This is one of those Meg Cabot books that are hard to put down because you keep wanting to know who Lizzie will end up with, how she solves her problems and tries to learn to shut her mouth. I give this book a rating of 5/5, it's one of those chic lit that aren't normal because Meg fills it with humour and drama easily, I would definitely read it again in the future. A small note to all, this Queen of Babble is an adult series not like Princess Diaries who are meant for young adult and even children.

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