Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Planner of 2010

365 days of 2009 had passed by and it's time for a new planner. You can find many of these planners for sale in bookstores during the month of December itself. There are many shape and sizes, some people will buy those planner that they can keep changing and refill the paper once a year. Those planners for a start cost a lot depending on what your preferences is, leather cover ones are expensive but they can last longer. There are also simple planners that you change every year, calendar, notes and space for noting your everyday plans of every month. These are the ones you chuck every year or keep it for reminder so every year it will cost you some money for these planners.

I used to have those that just change the refills, but I stopped using it because I couldn't find stores for the refills anymore so I swap to those that you change yearly. I browsed some at Kinokuniya and those are absolutely beautiful, there are many shape and sizes and the paper inside have wonderful designs, kinda heart pain to write on it and ruin the picture. So I didn't buy those because they cost a lot too, about 50-100 ringgit, which is a lot.

Fortunately at the December 2006 a wonderful friend of mine gave me a wonderful gift, a planner for 2007 from Starbucks. The design is very nice, plenty of space to write down your plans, put in extra notes and of course public holidays noted in the calendar. Here's some pictures:

After having this wonderful planner,I've decided to get one from Starbucks the following year and further on. The 2008 one required me to drink 18 drinks before I can get it free, with the help of family and friends I got it, I can't possibly drink 18 frappuccinos within a month. Pictures of 2008 Starbucks Planner:

As you can see the 2007 one has more space for writing daily plans where one page has two days and this planner above try to cram 7 days into two pages. I also got the one for 2009 by drinking frappuccinos again :P. Pictures are as below:

This planner has a leather cover, the design is okay but sadly this planner has no ready drawn daily spaces for you to use. Only note pages are found, so I divided the lines and drew my own. I still preferred the 2007 one. This year the cover of the planner is hard and solid which can last very long. It has a standard 6 pin holes maybe I am able to find refills for next year. Pictures:

Thankfully this year's planner has the daily space drawn out again, no need to do it myself but still a bit cramped compared to 2007. Too bad they want to save cost and print it that way because the 2007 planner is the thickest of all 4 I have. Well time to fill the planner up with 2010 plans which so far I don't have any yet. Hopefully I will have lots of activities and not many blank pages like last year :(.

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