Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The third book of the vampire saga, "Eclipse". I managed to finish this book within 3-4 days, it's much more interesting compared to the first two books and also thicker. Stephenie Meyer outdo herself compare to the other books. This book continues on what happens after Edward is back and how Bella deals with her relationship with Jacob. It's definitely a challenge for her since vampires and wolves don't get along. Edward does not think that it's safe for her and vice versa for Jacob.

Bella is finishing high school soon and she is really anxious on what's to come. Worrying about the Volturi too, she has to become a vampire soon. The romance for the book has definitely become better, Edwards is much more protective and Jacob is trying to convince Bella that he is a better choice for her than Edward. The rivalry is definitely funny to read about.

The twist of the story is the attacks in Seattle is related to vampires, the missing people, increase rates in deaths, all the doings of a vampire or so The Cullen's thought. It will definitely surprise you on what's to come next. More character's past are revealed, more mysteries for you to think about. This book keeps tying your attention and you don't want to put it down for sure.

I definitely enjoy this book more than the previous two, we get to know more about the wolves's history, discover new feelings, imagine new fights. It's a must read to know more bout Bella's love and life.

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