Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need more time

I remembered when I had my holidays, my lifestyle was a bore, everyday I do the same thing. But at least I enjoyed it, I rant of boredome once in a while but still it was ok. I loved what I was doing and sometimes I thought I had a lot of time in my hands. Lately, with work I realise I need more time, hopefully 36hours a day. I have done some calculation on the time spent for everyday.

Traveling to and fro work : 3 hrs
Working : 8 hrs
Lunch : 1 hr
Get ready b4 work : 30mins
Dinner : 30mins
Sleep : 7hrs
Time left : 4hrs

The total time left is 4 hours but seriously I don't feel that I really have that much of free time to spend. Everytime I come home and eat dinner, then I shower and I look at the clock it's almost 10 and then I sleep at 12am. Where the hell all those hrs and mins go. Haihz, I wish I could relax more every night before I go to work next day, then I will feel more refreshed and motivated to work. I miss my holidays, I want it back!!!! Now I really wished I was still studying, somehow FYP doesn't seem hard and assignments are lot comforting than the work I have now.

How's work in Shell?? Traveling to Cyberjaya is draining my life slowly, my parents are planning to get me a car soon, I hope they do it quick, public transport is so crowded sometimes. Oh well, last friday was fun, Accenture had this EWF/SWF community day. Enterprise and solution workforce combined and I had a fun day. We had presentations in the morning, then lunch is provided. Then we had games in the afternoon according to teams. Nicholas left before lunch was served. The first game we had was human cluedo, which requires the team to go to several places in 1 utama new wing and search for clues to determine who is the kidnapper, weapon used and lastly the venue. My team was there first with the correct answers so we won for this game.

Before the second game started, everyone was give a 1GB kingston thumbdrive, it is red in colour and it was the thumbdrive with the newest design. Captain ball was tough and tiring. I participated in the 1st round we had. The opponents were very aggresive and I was crashed into by a colleague and got step on the leg at the same time. After that round, I was too tired to take part in the next one. By the way we won the 1st round but lost the following one. It was a fun day. The day ended with the lucky draw competition.

I won 1 of the lucky draw prizes and I was so blur when they called my name. Anyway the prize was a big box and I couldn't guess what it was. Went home and opened it and it was a toaster oven. Was really tired when I got home so after dinner I just rested on my bed and read. Looking forward to the next event, annual dinner and dance.

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