Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How it's been

One month I didnt update liaoz =P. Was a bit lazy and nothing much happened so didnt bother to update. Did a lot of things for the past month, my birthday was ok, had to work half day, checking reports. After that, went home to shower and change to have a nice dinner at The Gardens Midvalley with bf. We had japanese food at Yuzu. The restaurant has a nice design, the service was good, of course the meals are pricey a bit, around rm 25-40 for set meals. The sushis are the costly meals, especially the sashimi. The food was good and everyone was happy :D.

Around mid november, went to Cameron Highlands for a holiday. The journey there was long, on the way uphill it was all turns here and there. It was so cooling up there, at night I went to the pasar malam they had. There were so many stalls selling strawberry related items such as slippers, keychains, toys and etc. There were so many of it that you'll never see in a regular pasar malam in KL. What I did beside walking around was buying food for supper later at night in the hotel, bought corn and fried mushrooms. The corn they sell is no regular corn, it tastes so sweet, it was half yellow and white and the locals call it jagung mutiara.

That's the most interesting things I did for november, other than that would be my usual task. Lately I had nothing much to do so I decided to learn C# and it was interesting. I hope I can pick it up fast and add another skill for me :D.

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