Monday, January 22, 2007

Time flies....flood rushes....friend flying away

I love to blog every monday if not then when I am inspired. This day is the start of the week for almost everyone around the globe. Some people dread it, some people are happy bout it. I for one am a person who loves the start and end of everyday so Monday is just a day where college starts for me.

But blogging on a Monday is a good thing to do. For one, you can reflect what you have done last week and make it better this week. Looking at my planner I found out the important thing that I've done last week was only my PSF submission. So this week I told myself to start on all my assignments, even if it's a little.

Reflecting is always good, no matter what you reflect on, it helps you make changes because you'll find out something good and bad out of reflecting. Reflecting on God's word is important because it helps us think, are we applying it in our lives, how can we apply it. It helps us live our lives more Christlike. An important thing that I've learnt and reflected upon it all the time : How to get people to like you.One important Christlike characteristic can help to make people like you is to love everyone around you. Learn to accept, don't judge and love everyone. Of course there are times when some people just don't like you, it's okay but you yourself must not hate anyone, dislike anyone but love everyone and gradually show your love.

Time really flies, but not for those flood victims, time must have slowed down on them, with all that water around, it must be hard. All I can do is to donate money and pray for them. When we can actually do more but we have no time. It seems what they need most after floods is money, to restore the things that is lost.

Another thing that made me realise time flies is the fact that another friend of mine , Chee Siang is going off soon to Queensland. 12th of Feb, even though it seems far now, but I know in a blink of an eye, it will pass like flashes of cars on the highway. In the end the lesson that I always learn is time management, which I cannot master because it is influence by my laziness :P.

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