Monday, October 2, 2006

Life goes on...

There are many struggles in life, mine are not as bad as what other ppl have. People who have cancer, AIDS, I think their struggle is so much different and difficult than the struggles of a student. Cancer patients struggle to stay alive as well as AIDS patient. Some AIDS patient have to struggle to be accepted in the society, many of them are being looked down, we should show more love to children with HIV positive, its easier said than done becoz of the fear of being infected. Other struggles of HIV ppl is to earn money for their medication, medicine that will prolong their life.

So what are my struggles that made me despressed? heartbroken, lost and no sense of identity. These struggles are normal for most people, so how dare I say it's difficult compared to other ppl who are in much worse situation than I am. Struggles like mine can be taken away easily, the key? To seek God. I have learnt many lessons in life from the Holy Bible, and I am sure that these struggles are things that God wanted me to go through and He will lead me through it. There is always a lesson that God is teaching, these struggles are used to mold the person who we are going to become. We have to change to be prepare for God's plan for us.

I do not know where I am going but I'm taking step by step and God is holding my hand and assuring me that everything will be ok. The heartbreaks, the emptiness and not knowing who to be, God taking it away one by one. I wish I could get rid all of it at once but through time is where I'll learn my lesson from my Father. We should always be thankful from the position that God has put us. IF you are reading this then you are definetly in a better position than those who struggle for life, food and from poverty. Thank God everyday! Give God your life, He will run it better than we do.

My fav song from paradise live newest album "Set Me Free": Assuredly Yours

All that I am is in you
All that I seek is to follow You
I run to Your side when You call
There is the hope I am longing for

Just to be by Your side
There is hope in my life
There is no greater freedom I'll find

Take my life
and all that i have to give
Take my world
just inhabit all of it
Take my dreams
make me assuredly yours

What a wonderful song!! It certainly says it all in my heart. Will you let God take your life? He is waiting and all you have to do is open that door. Life is so much interesting with God by your side. He is always there looking upon us. There will be good and bad times but that is what God wants you to go through and He will be there with you all the way.

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